Alberto Martínez - Owner and Guide at Bici-Burro


Sometime during the 1950's, Mr. Ventura used to work half days helping her aunt Soledad (Aunt Chole) in his haberdashery called "San Francisco". In the afternoons he worked at the textile factory "La Aurora", her life revolved on two wheels between his work commitments and family. Combining all the outings with his sports team "El Pípila", touring in their heavy bikes. Always trying to adapt new parts on your bike to make it more efficient in the new and quiet roads, where traffic were oxen pulling wagons of crops or the noisy passenger bus from the yellow line of Don Faustino.
In the early 60's the idea of expanding Aunt Chole's haberdashery by offering bicycle parts was a trigger for great adventures in Mexico City in search of bycicle parts. This was the beginning of his passion, which encouraged him to quit his job at the factory and pursue his dream of opening his own shop in Hospicio street. This would be the first bycicle store ever in San Miguel Bicycle.

Beto as a childSo the journey began on the streets of Hospicio and he made great efforts to manage his family life, home and business in one place. On April 8th, 1963, the fifth of seven children was born. Beto grew and soon along with Don Ventura would take over the management and the business responsibilities.
Beto was born in the room behind the bike shop, her mother was treated by the local nurse, Doña Carmelita Barajas, known throughout San Miguel. After having growin in the workshop and constantly helping his dad to repair bycicles, soon he learned to love bikes.
Finally in 1990 he formally took charge of the business. It was then that mountain biking came to his life and encourage by his friend Paul Oastrof, Bici-Burro was born. Leaving aside the road bike and unleashing his new passion, all-terrain bike. Beto with a group of friends started the adventure of visiting all the sourrounding communities in San Miguel and discovering an spectacular ecological heritage, historical and folkloric too that anyone could enjoy in 2 wheels and being respectful of the environment.
Beto's dadBy 1995 he had and idea, he wanted to share his knowledge of San Miguel with people, a side not well known by many. This is how Beto began offering the first bike tours of San Miguel, with a focus on eco-tourism.
Today you can find Bici-Buro in the same location and at age 50 he keeps going!